In the presence of Thierry BRAILLARD, Minister of State for Sport, and Pascal CANFIN, CEO of WWF France NGO, the organisers of the 20 biggest international sporting events in France signed the “15 environmentally responsible commitments to sporting events” at the Ministry of Sport on Thursday, 12 January 2017. In order to be a forefront in sustainability, Formula E’s Paris E-Prix was one of the events which signed these 15 sustainability commitments. Formula E has a core legacy of promoting electric mobility and mitigating climate change via its events and it aims to set an example to the world in terms of promoting sustainability.

A world first, these commitments include ambitious and quantified targets and demonstrate that environmental responsibility is embedded in the specifications of organising international sport events in France. Respect for the environment is now a condition to host these major events across the French territory. These 15 sustainability engagements focus on sustainable food and sourcing, waste recycling, water and energy consumption control, sustainable mobility, biodiversity conservation, access for all, or promoting gender equality to leadership roles. Paris E-Prix strives to achieve these sustainability goals and be a forefront in this regard. 

We successful adhered to the 15 sustainable commitments in 2018 and look forward to replicating our efforts in 2019.