Sustainability Commitments for Paris E-Prix 2018

The French Ministry of Urban Affairs, Youth and Sport, has issued fifteen ‘collaborative commitments’ that act as sustainability goals that French sporting events must adhere to

The government recognizes all the positives surrounding sports, ‘they encourage social diversity and strengthen national solidarity’, the government understands that sporting events ‘influence the attitudes and habits of spectators and stakeholders, thus helping to change social norms’, the ‘legacy’ and effect of sporting event ‘may be considerable and long-lasting’

The French government has made it clear that whilst it promotes and desires major sporting events to take place in France, these events have ‘adverse effects on the environment

Overall, the enforcement of these collaborative commitments has come down to the WWF (an NGO), the organisers of the sporting event and the French Ministry of Sport (Ministère de Sports)


Commitment 1: Catering/Food

Description: 50% of food supplied for the Paris E-Prix event will comply with the WWF recommendations. Healthy (low fat, low salt, low sugar) and a variety of catering options will be available (to allow everyone the choice of a balanced meal)

Actions: Formula E will partner with local food suppliers to ensure that the food is sustainably sourced. Tasty, healthy and sustainable food will be made available to the spectators and fans in the e-village too.


Commitment 2: Transportation

Description: 50% of journeys made to the Paris E-Prix event use active mobility, public transport or car sharing - This includes: journeys made by participants (sportspersons, spectators, volunteers, organising teams and employees) between their accommodation and event sites and/or between their residences in France and event sites. “Active mobility” means any method of transport requiring physical activity: walking, bike, scooter, rollerblades, etc.

Actions: The fans are informed by Formula E about the carbon footprint of different modes of transportation to the venue to make them aware about the impact of CO2 emissions via transportation. Formula E encourages to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation as a part of its sustainability goals. Quantis would make infographics to be shared with the fans to make them awatre about the GHG emissions from various sources.



Commitment 3: Sourcing/Purchasing

Description: By 2020, 80% of the ‘financial value of purchases’ has to stem from suppliers with that incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their operations. By 2018, events should have their percentage up to 50%. CSR is defined as acting ‘responsibly’ and addressing ‘social and environmental issues

Actions: Formula E has chosen suppliers according to their CSR policies to ensure the goal is met



Commitment 4: Reduction of Waste

Description: There should be a 20% reduction in waste and 40% of waste will be reused, recycled or recovered in the Paris E-prix 2018 as compared to 2017. 60% of food waste (aside from the campaign against waste) will be channeled towards a biowaste collection

Actions: There is a great focus on recycling and waste management as a part of sustainability of Formula E. Local authorities, particularly the Direction de la Propreté et de l’Eau (DPE), are involved in the waste management surrounding the Paris E-Prix



Commitment 5: Respect for Natural Sites

Description: There should be 100% respect for natural sites and no damage has to be done to the surroundings during the event.

Actions: There is a pre and post site inspection done by Formula E team to make sure the site event is not damaged



Commitment 6: Energy and Water

Description:  60% of energy and water consumption in the Paris E-Prix event will be controlled and optimized. A minimum of 25% of energy consumption will be coming from renewable sources or from the reuse of energy

Actions: Energy and Water are optimally used by Formula E in this event. The use of renewable energy is encouraged by Formula E. Formula E guarantees that energy and water will not be wasted in the organization of the event



Commitment 7: Accessibility of disabled

Description: 100% accessibility for the disabled to sites open to the public

Actions: Details about accessibility for the disabled at the event will be given with the information supplied about the event to the spectators. The e-Village will be entirely accessible to the disabled with assistance to help the disabled people at the event.



Commitment 8: Promoting Access to disabled

Description: There will be one initiative devoted to promoting access for the disadvantaged.

Actions: Access to the eVillage is completely free of charge. Formula-E offered schools and charity partners free access to the race and ‘behind the scenes’ experiences for free as well.  These efforts tie into the commitment to promoting access to the sporting effort for the ‘disadvantaged



Commitment 9: Eco-Innovation

Description: The objective of this commitment is to try out solutions aimed at improving the environmentally responsible aspect of sporting events and to share these benefits with the events industry

Actions: The Sun Trip Company and Pragma Industries will display their solar powered electric bike and hydrogen powered electric bike respectively, in order to showcase environmentally responsible innovation in the e-village



Commitment 10: Sustainability Ambassador

Description: One of the French drivers will be nominated ambassadors for “environmental responsibility” for the event or for the sport concerned. He will promote sustainability via media interactions, social media and visit to the school/charity

Actions: Formula E will assign one of the French speaking drivers to become the sustainability ambassador of the Qatar Airways Paris ePrix 2018 and will do a promotional video for our fans



Commitment 11: Volunteers

Description: There should be 100% acknowledgement for volunteers of the event. This acknowledgement is to constitute an appreciation of the role played by volunteers in the organisation of sports events, which is to be expressed through bonuses which may take different forms

Actions: The volunteers are given access to training, opportunity to meet leading sports personalities, officials or champions; and they are given donations of sports kit or equipment, etc. during the Paris E-prix



Commitment 12: Supporting a good cause

Description: A commitment to supporting a good cause is to be in place. This commitment may consist of collecting funds, making space available for publicity, implementing initiatives in the form of specific events, etc.

Actions: Formula E supports a foundation called ‘Les Restos de Coeur’ which provides meals to the needy. There is also a partnership with.  L’Association Du Sport et Plus looks to provide terminally ill children with an enjoyable memory and experience. Formula E will also engage with children of Le Petit Prince as a part of community engagement to give them access to the race. Furthermore, at the Paris ePrix, Formula-E was able to announce its collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme to improve inner-city air quality, among other things.



Commitment 13: Gender Equality

Description: This commitment promotes the equal employment of men and women within the organization that is responsible for the sporting event. Establishing gender equality within positions of responsibility in the firm are key aspects of sustainable development. An initiative promoting the employment of equal numbers of men and women in positions of responsibility is to be in place. This commitment may take the form of a specific human resources policy, initiatives for greater awareness, etc.

Actions:  Formula E has encourages gender equality within the organization which is a core human resource initiative. Formula-E currently employs 39 women and 54 men, a 42% to 58% split



Commitment 14: Sustainability Development Referent

Description: Sustainable development referents within Formula E are chosen for general management and cross disciplinary function to ensure sustainability is promoted internally and externally

Actions: Julia & Sushil will be the sustainability referents for 2018



Commitment 15: Increasing awareness on site

Description: Raising environmental awareness through ‘targeted initiatives’ is key. These campaigns for ‘raising public awareness’ should be directed towards all people associated with the event. ‘This raising of awareness may include information’ about the environmental responsibility and investment. This should have the effect of promoting the adoption of environmentally responsible attitudes.

Actions: Formula-E plans visits to nearby schools in Paris as means of promoting environmentally responsible behaviors. Formula-E intrinsically looks to promote awareness and acceptance for sustainable transport and the fight against climate change through the adoption of more sustainable activities – leading by example and spreading the awareness via various mediums like print and social media. Furthermore, the eVillage has a series of stands and initiatives that looked to promote environmental awareness and sustainability.